Matang Sinh
In 1992, Matang was elected to Indian Parliament as a Member of the Rajya Sabha from his home state, Assam. Since 1990, Matang was actively engaged in both State and National political circles. After becoming M.P., Matang conducted the first-ever peace march in the otherwise violence prone and terrorism stricken Assam State. He toured each and every Block (Tehsil) of the State, winning popular sentiment as well as challenging those perpetrating violence, proving his commitment to being a fervent nationalist.

Narasimha Rao who brought Matang into the inner confines of the ruling party in 1993. This marked a steady climb in national polity and ruling party for Matang, leading to his induction in the Union Cabinet. Acting as a confidant, Matang managed not just party but also parliamentary politics for Rao

Matang has been a staunch Congressman and remains involved with public service. He is best known for his concerns for the weaker sections, minorities and working classes.
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Matang Sinh was born on August 22, 1962, to S P Sinh and Rani Rukmani Sinh in Hijoguri, Tinsukia, Assam. Matang completed his education with a B. Sc. degree. Early on in his student life, Matang became politically conscious, a nationalist and was drawn to the Congress Party. In 1990, he rose to become the Chairman of the Labour Cell of the Assam Pradesh Congress Committee. During the Assam Assembly elections in 1991, Matang became personally acquainted with the then former Prime Minister and Congress President Shri. Rajiv Gandhi. It marked a turning point in his life and political career.

Matang Sinh